Liquid Tarp is a bio-based solution for temporary and permanent dust/erosion control on non-traffic surfaces. It reduces material loss/degradation and minimizes your risk of exposure to contamination from erosion. The technology is applied using standard industry spray canons—no special equipment is needed.

Stockpile Sealants

Replacing materials that are laborious to install, such as plastic tarps, Liquid Tarp prevents erosion from wind and rain, contamination, and fugitive dust, while significantly reducing material loss.


Liquid Tarp can be applied to open rail cars to prevent material loss during transportation.


Liquid Tarp can also be used in landfill management as an alternative to daily cover, thus reducing fill rates from other thicker covers as well as a simpler application method.



Green Roads provides bio-based solutions that pave the way for a world connected by greener, stronger, longer-lasting secondary roads. It does not eliminate the need for asphalt and cement but rather allows these products to be better utilized in high-traffic pavements. Our technology also allows for use of recycled asphalt pavement in generating high quality asphalt surfaces.

Mining / Forestry / Agriculture

Leveraged by numerous industries, Green Roads is used in access/prospecting road construction for increased speed of construction, improved stability and sustainability.

Secondary Roads

Helping municipalities stretch their budges further, Green Roads creates higher quality gravel roads that require less maintenance while reducing a community’s environmental footprint.


Green Roads may also be used for private driveways (lanes, cottage roads, farm yards, sidewalks and other walking hard surfaces, etc.).



BioFusion equips industry leaders with longer-lasting products that reduce or eliminate these products’ burden on the environment.


In substitution of petroleum additives, BioFusion can be used as a complementary additive material for cement that optimizes product yield and performance for a higher ROI. The product improves the characteristics of concrete including its hydrophobic properties to repell water and extend the life cycle.


More than any other industry, packaging receives significant public pressure to improve environmental performance. Often, packaging products are manufactured with non-recyclable, non-compostable binders—Biofusion offers a cleaner and more functional alternative.



BioSeal is a walk-away microencapsulation product that acts as a hydrophobic surface sealant. It creates a barrier for contaminants, chemical reactions, and materials that leach toxins and airborne gases.


Used as an aggregate treatment, BioSeal is a natural, low-cost, walk-away solution for AMD/ARD prevention.


Bioseal is a sustainable, spray-on sealant for concrete, wood, stone and other porous and non-porous materials.


Products with sealers, such as corrugate linerboard for fruit and vegetable storage and transport, are all too often non-recyclable. BioSeal offers a green alternative that today’s consumers demand.



Soil Armo​ur is a bio-based alternative to plastic mulch used in horticulture. It prevents soil erosion and improves stability at a lower cost and more efficient process by using standard liquid spraying equipment.


Soil Armour prevents soil and chemical loss due to weather conditions, creating greaterefficiencies reducing the amount of chemicals used. It will also reduce evaporation,weed-seed germination and provide substantially the same benefits of plastic mulch.


By preventing soil erosion, Soil Armo​ur is a clean, cost-effective, easy-to-apply solution for stabilizing various erosion problems, including building embankments and newly seeded ditches.