This naturally engineered binder additive has been specially formulated to replace the traditional, environmentally harmful binders typically used for hard surface stabilization.

Our binder is manufactured from 100% naturally occurring bioresins using our proprietary technology and when combined with recycled asphalt (RAP), aggregate or recycled concrete will create a hard surface for roads and other walking surfaces with superior hydrophobic properties.

The creation of roads using our Greenroads binder will create a long-term solution for mitigating fugitive dust pollution from unpaved roads. Our natural hard surface solution will support the circular economy through the repurposing of unused RAP, previously used or unusable aggregate or concrete.


Fugitive Road Dust (FRD)


Fugitive road dust (FRD) particles are those emitted from roads into the ambient atmosphere by traffic-generated turbulence. FRD particles are an important carrier for high levels of harmful components such as heavy metal elements, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and other carcinogens, which exert a high potential health burden on cardiovascular, respiratory, and cancer diseases. Global measurements indicated that FRD emissions accounted for 55% of the PM10 concentrations found in fugitive dust.

High-VOC Substances


Cement, asphalt binders and other petroleum products are typically used for creating hard surfaces for road stabilization and other uses. These environmentally harmful petroleum-based asphalt solutions are a high-VOC (volatile organic compound) substance. As the product is converted to asphalt, significant quantities of harmful gases are released into the atmosphere. Likewise, the process of producing cement for concrete depletes our natural resources and requires high levels of heat and generates substantial VOC emissions.